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i bet you a million dollars you have never….


had your goat stare at you from your trampoline with a look of “what? havn’t you ever seen a goat on a trampoline before?”
or had a knocking sound at around 10:30 at night that freaks you out cause out here in the country you don’t hear much of anything once the sun goes down unless it’s a deliberate sound for you to hear, and when you look out your front door and see a shadow, and you look just a little bit closer, you are relieved yet shocked to see two goats staring at you on your front porch like “what? haven’t you ever seen a goat on your front porch before?” this picture is actually taken from inside my house looking out to the goats through my glass storm door. when i opened my front door i was laughing so hard and the first thought was “no one’s going to believe me” so i went to get my camera. so if there’s any advise that i can give to ANYONE out there is DON’T GET A GOAT, and please if you do end up getting a goat (cause you are stupid) don’t be dumber and get yourself a second goat.
i think i’m going to get rid of the goats and tell the kids they ran away. i hate goats.