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Not a baby anymore


NO ONE bosses her around!

one of my favorite pictures of her
my artsy fartsy side of taking pictures

Gosh she’s growing up too quick! I remember when Nate was born, and I couldn’t wait till he entered the next stage. It was always so exciting, anything new he did and I was calling everyone! Yes, I was annoying, you know that first time mom, where she had to tell everyone how smart he was because at 4 months he had 4 teeth! Yup, guilty! But I see those moms now and just smile. How exciting for them. Now as an “older” mom with a few kids under my belt and quite a few more wrinkles and over colored hair, I find myself not wanting them to go anywhere, not wanting them to grow up so fast and having a hard time with my “baby” not being a baby anymore. I guess saying that she’s my last one and knowing that this is the last time we are going to have those exciting times of first steps and first nights in the toddler bed… *sigh* I always thought that I would be looking forward to this time. I really am though, looking forward to what lies ahead, seeing the kids growing, but I guess what is unexpected is the saddness of Katie getting older way to quickly. Wait…no more diapers…maybe I won’t be too sad about EVERYTHING! 😉

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