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What's Standing In Your Way?

Is there something standing between you and your dreams? Life coaching can help you tackle obstacles and accomplish your goals. I want to help you be your best self. I specialize in working with creative women who feel “stuck”—whether that is personally, professionally, or creatively. We work on topics ranging from self-confidence to time management to setting boundaries.

We can work together on the challenges that life has presented you. Using a combination of meeting one-on-one, worksheets, and follow-up communication we can get you back on track.

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Vanessa. I’m, by nature, a stiff-upper-lip kind of gal. Her coaching taught me to recognize all the feelings, feel them all, and hen take action steps by choice. And, of course, she walked my through all the nitty-gritty of that process. Change isn’t magic. It isn’t instant. But it is possible.

– Susan


We tackle a new topic each week ranging from thoughts to goal setting and beyond.

V & Co Quilting

Your go-to destination for all things ombre! Find the latest patterns from V & Co by Vanessa Christenson. (That's right your coach understands multi-tasking like you wouldn't believe.)

Book a Free Consult

Fill out a quick application and we can then schedule a free 45-minute consult. In this consultation we can talk more about your goals, what is standing in your way, and whether or not we would work well together.

Stay Connected

We will meet one-on-one once a week for a specific period of time to discuss your goals and obstacles. Once our initial time is up, we will have another set period of time where we continue to stay in touch. You can send me your questions and I will send you back advice and suggestions.