tutorial: fabric bow pasta


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something’s cooking in the kitchen!
can you see what it is?
go on take a closer look.
mmm garden flavored bow pasta!
sure to be a delight in anyone’s kitchen!
cook it….
drain it…
and serve it!

want to make some for your little darlin’s kitchen too?

what you will need:
*5 by 5 squares of fabric in greens, reds, yellows, creams, and orange.
each square makes two fabric bow pastas.

take your 5 by 5 square.
fold it in half…cut at your fold.
fold it in half again and cut at that fold as well.
sew around your edges
take a needle and thread and do a running stitch through the middle.
pull tight and wrap around a few times the thread in the middle and tie a knot in the back.

bon appetit! too bad real pasta isn’t this low in carbs and calories.
oh well.

have a great day.
i’m actually cooking something in MY kitchen today…maybe i’ll share it if i get a chance!
we’ll talk soon!
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